eSIM FAQs (2022 Embedded SIM glossary)
eSIM FAQs (2022 Embedded SIM glossary)
Written By: Alexandra Nuschele

An eSIM (electronic SIM) is a digital SIM that lets you activate a cellular plan from your carrier without needing to utilize a real nano-SIM. The questions below will get to learn about the benefits of eSIM, including what it is, how to set it up, and which phones support it.

 eSIM basics

What is an eSIM?

An embedded SIM card is referred to as an “eSIM.”  The “e” in eSIM stands for embedded. There are no physical SIM cards involved, and you do not need to swap them out.

What does eSIM mean?

The gadget has a microchip that permits SIM connectivity, which may be configured by the user to any mobile provider as long as the phone is unlocked. Both conventional SIMs and eSIMs use the same method to connect to the mobile network. The main distinction is that physical SIMs have their own circuitry, while digital SIMs program the phone’s own circuitry.

Why do we need an eSIM?

Mobile phone operators made SIMs hard to access physically and very hard to hack so that they could securely store customer data. Security was paramount, so operators made the SIMs extremely secure.

Is eSIM secured?

eSIM gives the same level of security and protection as a detachable SIM card.

What needs to happen for eSIMs to be viable?

The GSMA collaborated with 40 stakeholders from throughout the ecosystem to develop an eSIM standard. Because an eSIM is a physical component rather than software, it is incredibly difficult to obtain. To combat this, the partners collaborated to ensure that operator credentials were encrypted and transported securely.

What does this imply for mobile phone companies?

According to the 2016 Ericsson Mobility Report, about 16 billion of the 28 billion connected devices will be IoT devices by 2021. The creation of a programmable SIM could have an impact on turnover. According to EY and Beecham Research, however, the market opportunity is enormous.

 What are eSIM advantages?

eSIM allows customers to switch from one mobile operator to another. The benefits of eSIM go beyond the phone as it can help all mobile-connected devices. However, that benefit may only apply to devices using eSIM as a replacement for the physical SIM. It is important to note that the specification for eSIM has been done by GSMA (GSM Association).

What’s the difference between an eSIM and Dual Sim?

To connect to the mobile network, each phone or smartphone requires a SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card. When a smartphone has two SIM cards, it can make and receive phone calls. The term “embedded SIM” refers to the fact that the eSIM is a virtual SIM card. Modern gadgets will have a Dual Sim feature, which means they will have both a physical and an eSIM slot.

What are the benefits of having a Dual SIM with an eSIM?

With a dual SIM and an eSIM, you can do things you couldn’t do before with only a physical SIM. For instance, a single device with two phone numbers and two distinct subscriptions. Note that only one line can be active at a time on laptops with dual SIM.

 Is eSIM a better option than a physical SIM Card?

Yes, and eSIM provides many advantages. With eSIM, mobile device manufacturers can build or embed a circuit board directly inside the mobile device. Then, customers can programme the embedded SIM to register with any mobile operator. However, there may be some limitations; for example, if your eSIM enabled phone stops working, you can’t just pull the SIM out and insert it into any other phone straightaway.

Does having an eSIM card improve my data security?

Yes, removable SIM cards are sometimes stolen and used in port-out scams, however an eSIM card cannot be stolen without taking the phone. To obtain access to the victim’s calls and text messages, identity thieves fraudulently change stolen SIM cards onto multiple phones. The criminals may next attempt to change the victim’s passwords and get access to their financial and social media accounts.

Can an eSIM be removed?

Yes, to remove your eSIM, select Settings. Choose between Cellular and Mobile Data. To delete a plan, simply tap it. Remove the cellular plan.

Buying an eSIM 

When should I buy my eSIM ?

When traveling, you can purchase an eSIM either before or after you arrive. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to be online to purchase your eSIM to buy it online and receive it by email). So this can happen from the comfort of your own home or via the airport wifi when you arrive.

How does an eSIM work?

A mobile phone with an eSIM includes a built-in microchip that may be programmed to any mobile network provider as long as the phone is unlocked. Most (if not all) eSIM-capable smartphones do not utilize eSIM as the primary SIM but rather as a secondary SIM that can operate with a traditional plastic SIM. Scanning a QR code or manually inputting the digital SIM information under phone settings may be used to download eSIM onto a phone.

How do I get an eSIM?

If you seek a travel eSIM today, your cell provider will send you an ‘eSIM pack’, at least in the UK. Like a barcode, a QR code is printed on the eSIM pack. When you begin the setup procedure, you may scan the QR code, which generates an eSIM profile for the number and operator that provided the code on your phone. You can use your QR code several times if you require it, such as if you erase your profile by accident.

Why should I buy a phone with an eSIM?

eSIM prepaid data plans are flexible and offer affordable data for any trip. eSIM2Go is for international travellers. Tourists and business travellers may save up to 90% on worldwide roaming costs when you buy eSIM online from eSIM2Go.

Can I upgrade a device that is active on the eSIM?

Yes, you can upgrade to a new device if you have an active eSIM device.

Can I recharge an eSIM ?

It is debatable. Some providers have rechargeable eSIM plans that allow you to add more data, voice/text, or prolong the validity time. Some eSIM plans cannot be recharged. Your provider should share top-up instructions with you after you purchase if they exist.

When it comes to replacing or upgrading a cell phone, what should buyers know?

If your old phone has a physical SIM card or an eSIM, delete all data from the eSIM before discarding or recycling it. You can either keep it as a backup or delete it completely to eliminate the danger of data theft. For information on how to properly delete the data, contact the manufacturer and your service provider.

Is there a phone number, voice, SMS, and data included with a prepaid eSIM?

Yes, eSIM plans can combine data and voice and/or SMS calls with a phone number. This is the most frequent type of prepaid eSIM plan.

Can my prepaid eSIM incur roaming charges?

Yes, If you use your eSIM prepaid plan out of what your plan include, you risk roaming fees. Since your plan is prepaid (money paid upfront) and not postpaid, you have “no overdraft” and any roaming fees might end-up deactivating and expiring your prepaid plan almost immediately. Some providers will provide securities that will simply prevent roaming by not allowing you to connect to networks excluded of your plan.

Setting up an eSIM 

How do I set up my eSIM?

Navigate to your cell phone’s settings menu to begin the setup procedure. The settings change between Android and iPhone, and certain Android phones may also have minor differences. As a general rule, go for the section in the Settings menu where they ask for your cellular network or operator information. After completing the setup, you may use your eSIM just like a regular SIM.

How do I save my eSIM profile?

To do a factory reset on your eSIM-compatible Samsung device, follow these steps:
Select ‘Settings’ > ‘General supervision’ > ‘Reset’ ‘Reset factory data’ > ‘Factory data reset’. Your eSIM will be kept indefinitely.

What should I do if I’m having problems downloading my eSIM profile?

By scanning the QR code in the eSIM activation voucher, you can try downloading again. Please contact your respective network operators for additional information.

What can I do if I erase my eSIM profile by accident?

  1. Access your account by logging into your account.
  2. Choose your eSIM.
  3. Choose the Settings option.
  4. Select “My eSIM” from the drop-down menu.
  5. Choose “Load eSIM.”
  6. Please wait while your eSIM profile is generated.

Is there any protection in the eSIM to prevent the profile from being accidentally removed?

To prevent unintentional deletion of the profile in the eSIM, the end-user receives a confirmation message request on the primary phone device on the wearable.

 Is there an eSIM on my phone?

Yes, there is an eSIM on your device depending on the model of your phone. If your phone shows two IMEI numbers, eSIM capability means you have multiple SIM slots. The eSIM information is typically under ‘Settings’ and then ‘Mobile Network’ or ‘Mobile Data’, depending on your phone. For example, in Google Pixel 5, you need to go to Settings, Network and Internet, then the + sign next to Mobile network, which will take you to the screen where you can download an eSIM.

Can I get a new phone that accepts an eSIM?

Yes, an eSIM compatible phone can be available to you. When it comes to mobile phones’ latest generation, most hype is about camera capabilities, screen resolution, or battery life. eSIM-enabled phones from Apple, Samsung, Google, and Microsoft are available. eSIMs were first introduced in a limited number of consumer devices in 2017.

Can I use an eSIM on a new smartphone after I’ve used it on my previous one?

No, a Prepaid eSIM may only be used on one device at a time and cannot be transferred to another.

How can I keep track of my data, voice and text usage?

You can check your internet, phone, and text consumption with some carriers. Following your purchase, your supplier will send you instructions (such as how to download a mobile app or text a phone number).

eSIM devices 

Is it possible to modify the eSIM profile on the wearable?

Yes, you can remove the eSIM profile and download a new eSIM profile from your network operator’s activation.

Which Sony devices are eSIM compatible?

An eSIM is included in the Sony Xperia 10 III Lite smartphone.

You will be able to use dual SIM cards thanks to the eSIM. It means that the Sony Xperia 10 III Lite’s eSIM allows you to connect to a different mobile provider without having to insert a real SIM card. 

How do you remove the eSIM on a Samsung Galaxy watch?

1 Select “Settings” from the “Galaxy Wearable” app.
2 Select “Mobile networks” from the menu.
3 Select “Remove” from the menu.
4 The description of the removed networks will be displayed.
5 Tick the radio icon and then press “Remove” if you agree with the removal.

Are there eSIM-enabled computers?

Yes, there are eSIM-enables computers. Mobile phones aren’t the only devices that have changed and adopted new technology. PC computers such as Samsung Galaxy Book 2, HP, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, and Microsoft have also joined the party and come equipped with a data SIM or eSIM.

Do laptops support eSIM?

Yes, some laptops support eSIM.

Is eSIM available on all smartphones?

No, unfortunately not all smartphones are eSIM enabled but a growing list of phones are being released that support eSIM.

To use eSIM, your phone must be freed from carrier constraints, regardless of the phone you have.

Some phones are locked to a single mobile network and can only use data plans from that provider.

Can I top up my eSIM?

Yes, however, it varies by provider. Some have it built-in, while others must be erased and repurchased. You may check if your eSIM is top-up with eSIM2Go.

Why are eSIM prices so different?

Depending on area limits, market competition, and legislation, different suppliers will provide varying charges. While the cost of an eSIM varies by region, you can always count on eSIM2Go to provide best eSIM for international travel with reasonable market price for the area.

eSIM phones FAQ 

Which devices are compatible with eSIM?

The eSIM will only work with eSIM compatible devices which range from phones, to laptops & even cars. Check out our eSIM compatibility list to determine if your device supports eSIM.

On my Gear S3 frontier (LTE), why do I require an eSIM profile?

The eSIM profile of the network operator is the same as your traditional SIM card, which stores all of your personal SIM information. The eSIM profile of the network operator is the same as your traditional SIM card, which holds all of your personal information. Without pairing with your smartphone, the eSIM can send and receive calls, SMS, and access apps on its own.

Is my phone compatible with eSIM?

Yes, your phone can be compatible with eSIM.

For you to utilize eSIM, your phone must be freed from carrier constraints, regardless of your phone.

Some phones are locked to a single mobile network and can only utilize data plans from that provider.

Is the Huawei P40 Pro + eSIM compatible?

Yes, the P40 and P40 Pro versions are the only compatible ones. However, it appears that the Pro+’s ceramic casing precludes this.

Is Gear S3 frontier (LTE) 3G the first eSIM device?

Yes, this is the first eSIM product, and it was implemented according to the GSMA phase.

How do I activate the eSIM Profile on Gear S3 frontier (LTE)?

Scanning the QR code provided in the eSIM activation coupon will activate an eSIM Samsung Gear S3 frontier (LTE). The eSIM will then be downloaded and activated on the wearable.

What are the devices that don’t support eSIM?

There is no eSIM on these devices:

  • iPhones obtained from China
  • There are no eSIMs in Hong Kong, only dual (physical) sims.
  • In Southeast Asia, a puchased Pixel 3a
  • Android Q Beta versions do not support
  • Huawei P40 Pro+ does not support eSIM. Samsung Galaxy S20 Hybrid Dual SIM — Samsung produces both eSIM and non-eSIM models.
  • No eSIM support from LG, HTC, Xiaomi, Honor, RealMe, OnePlus, or Vivo yet

What should I do if my iPhone doesn’t support eSIM?

Unfortunately there is not much you can do if your iPhone is not eSIM compatible. To have an eSIM,  your device should be eSIM compatible.

Is the iPhone 10 compatible with eSIM?

The iPhone 10 does not, unfortunately, support eSIM. The iPhone XR and iPhone XS were the first Apple phones that support eSIM in 2018. Previous models aren’t compatible.

Is the Samsung Galaxy S10 eSIM compatible?

No, The Samsung Galaxy S10 does not, unfortunately, support eSIM.

Is the Huawei P40 Pro + eSIM compatible?

Yes, The P40 and P40 Pro versions are the only compatible ones. However, it appears that the Pro+’s ceramic casing precludes this.

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