Benefits of eSIM for travellers
Benefits of eSIM for travellers
Written By: Lindiwe Zulu

Travelling as we know will never be the same. This is thanks to the introduction of the embedded technology called an eSIM. We have listed the benefits of the eSIM for travellers.  


eSIM is easy to set up  

The eSIM provides convenience for travellers because it is easy to set up. You don’t need to go to a shop to purchase a local sim card or connect to unreliable wi-fi when you arrive at your destination. You can simply set up your SIM from your phone by following purchasing a plan, following authentication instructions from your carrier, and proceed to your desired payment method. 

eSIM is available in multiple countries 

As we’ve previously stated, with the eSIM, you don’t have to purchase a local sim when you get to your travel destination. With eSIM2go, we cover 150+ countries and provide data plans best suited for your travel needs. This gives you the freedom to travel to as many countries as you want, as frequent without the hassle of roaming in each country.  

Multiple profiles 

The eSIM allows you to have multiple profiles. This provides convenience for business travellers who can maintain two profiles on their eSIM. You can have a profile for business and a profile for personal use and switch between them seamlessly. You can however only use one profile at a time. 

eSIM will accelerate Internet Of  Things (IOT) 

This term refers to any device that is powered by the internet. Devices such as tablets, laptops, fitness trackers, etc. The frequent traveller of today possesses more than just their smartphone these days. They call and surf on their phone, finish their report on their tablet and prepare for a meeting on their tablet. eSIM enables that flexibility. 

eSIM is the future of travel 

Using either a QR code or an application. In fact, eSIM-enabled consumer devices are on track to exceed 250 million by the end of 2019 and are expected to expand beyond flagship devices to reach 1 billion within 2 years. 


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