Benefits of eSIMs for Mobile Network Operators
Benefits of eSIMs for Mobile Network Operators
Written By: Lindiwe Zulu

The eSIM has proved to have benefits for many industries since its inception. One of the industries that have benefited are Mobile Network Operators (MNO’s).  We have listed some of the benefits of eSIMS for mno’s and how they can shape the future of technology.  

Reduce costs

MNO’s will see cost savings because of procurement, storage, distribution, and technical support of removable SIM cards. eSIMs will enable new distribution models for devices and for the marketing of subscriptions.  


MNO’s will also have simpler means to expand their businesses into emerging markets, for example, automotive, wearables and consumer electronics.   

eSIMs will create new partnership opportunities for MNO’s and a chance to explore the benefits and flexibility eSIM-enabled devices can bring to customers.  

The potential ability for consumers to select and dynamically switch carriers directly from their devices means eSIMs could be a complete game-changer for mobile operators.  

Increased subscribers

 Remotely provisioned eSIMs enable mobile operators to quickly add IoT subscribers that would otherwise be captive to another MNO. With smartphone market maturing, IoT devices represent a new market that promises to continue growing for quite some time into the future. 

More security

The security of the eSIM ensures subscriber and network security remains upheld. For MNOs, the change to eSIM will present an opportunity to revamp their business models in this evolving ecosystem. For example, they could to add comprehensive IoT subscriptions to their services and offer complete connectivity for a host of devices or come with pay per schemes on devices. 

New partnerships

MNO’s can strike deals with chipset companies, guaranteeing that specific networks are the recommended or even exclusive connectivity option on the hardware the manufacturer produces. Alternatively, they could work directly with manufacturers. 

The eSIM market is estimated to be worth  $2 billion by 2025 and it is only a matter of time before other industries catch on. 

Consider buying an international sim card so you can use the internet without worrying about hefty data costs or roaming fees.  

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