Benefits of eSIM for marketing campaigns
Benefits of eSIM for marketing campaigns
Written By: Lindiwe Zulu

Marketing campaigns can benefit from eSIM technology helping businesses stay ahead of their competitors by enhancing targeting and interactions with consumers. 

A clothing company could launch a marketing campaign that gives consumers a temporary eSIM that can be activated to access an AR (augmented reality) platform that allows them to try out different apparel.a 

The advantage for consumers is they don’t have to use their own data to access the AR platform. Video clips can be generated and shared on social media showcasing the different clothing a user tries on. 

Friends and family can comment on how the clothing suits a particular person. The consumer gets an enhanced customer experience while the clothing company creates a new sales channel and more robust customer information. 

The network service provider increases its data revenue and potentially introduces consumers to a new technology that uses large amounts of data. 

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