Benefits of eSIM for consumers
Benefits of eSIM for consumers
Written By: Lindiwe Zulu

Consumers benefit greatly from the eSIM. They can store multiple profiles on their devices and change network operators remotely. We have listed  some of the benefits of eSIM for consumers. 

Simple set up 

One of the main benefits of an eSIM is that it is easy to set up without the need to insert or remove a sim card.  A user receives a QR code to scan from their provider which they use to active the eSIM. Alternatively, users can set up the eSIM manually by following instructions provided by their respective carriers, or through a carrier’s app.  

Multiple profiles 

The eSIM allows consumers to store multiple profiles on their devices and switch between them with ease (although only one profile can be used at a time). This means users can have a profile for business and a personal profile. A customer can even have separate text, voice, and data plans.  

Easily change providers remotely 

With the eSIM, consumers are able to choose their desired plans or even switch providers from the comfort of their homes. They don’t have to go to a store to purchase a new sim card or have it mailed to them.  

eSIMS costs less  

The eSIM will make it difficult for carriers to lock customers on expensive data plans. This means customers will choose to compare and choose providers of their choice. The eSIM also allows consumers who are travelling to multiple countries to choose plans that can cover those multiple countries, saving them on data roaming and the hassle of having to buy a local sim card each time they arrive in new country. 

 eSIM is safer 

The eSIM is harder to steal because it is permanently embedded onto the device’s motherboard.  The eSIM is also robust which makes it can tolerate vibrations of machines and cars, extreme heat, dust, and humidity. 

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