Benefits of an international travel sim
Benefits of an international travel sim
Written By: Lindiwe Zulu

An international travel sim card, also known as a travel sim, global sim card or roaming sim card, is a convenient way to stay connected when travelling abroad. We listed the benefits of a travel sim and why you should use it on your next international trip. 

Easy network access when abroad 

An international travel sim enables you to get access to the internet abroad, on any local network, without any price variation between one country or another. It is programmed to work on multiple networks in different countries around the world. 

Connect in multiple countries

An international travel sim is ideal if you are travelling to multiple countries. Most travel sim cards offer packages that cover multiple countries, saving you the trouble of purchasing a new sim card every time you arrive in a new country. 

Easy top-up

It is relatively easy to top up an international travel sim. Depending on the brand of the sim, it can be bought with a plan that specifies the fixed number of gigabytes that can be used. It can also be topped up online with the provider, through an app and with vouchers. 

Prepaid plans

One of the main benefits of international sim cards is that they come with pre-paid plans. This means that you only pay for the calls you and you make or texts you send.  This saves you from hidden costs that might pop up when you return home from your trip. 

Free incoming calls 

With an international travel sim, you receive free incoming calls in many countries meaning you do not get charged and, you can get as many calls as you want. This saves you money allowing you to enjoy your trip without having to worry about extra costs.  

Compatible with most devices 

Whether you have iPhone, Android, laptop or tablet, international travel sim cards are compatible with most smartphones and devices. This makes it easily accessible for most people who want to travel. 

Before going on your next trip, consider getting an international sim card and enjoy your destination without having to worry about the cost of data or high roaming fees.  

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