30 Benefits of an eSIM (2022 User guide)
30 Benefits of an eSIM (2022 User guide)
Written By: Ashley Moyo

An eSIM has many benefits over traditional SIM cards and with time we believe they will eventually replace the physical SIM card. In this article we look at the 30 advantages of eSIM technology.

We have tried to aggregate the benefits an eSIM offers to each type of user in the value chain in attempt to provide you with the most comprehensive list of eSIM benefits. Happy reading!

What is an eSIM?

An eSIM (embedded SIM) is a programmable SIM meaning there is no need for physical SIM cards as the eSIM performs all the functions of traditional SIM cards.

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Benefits of an eSIM for international travellers 

  1. Seamless mobile connectivity when travelling
  2. No need for global roaming charges
  3. Switch to a local operator seamlessly
  4. The eSIM is supported globally
  5. No need for dual or multiple phones

Benefits of an eSIM for consumers  

  1. Easy to switch between mobile operators
  2. Lower cost subscription plans
  3. Buy & install an eSIM online
  4. More secure
  5. Better user experience

Benefits of an eSIM for businesses  

  1. Simpler eSIM management
  2. Seamless global connectivity
  3. Remotely install & monitor device usage
  4. Lower communication costs
  5. Better security

Benefits of an eSIM for iOT 

  1. More connected devices
  2. Ideal fo space constrained iOT devices
  3. Easier eSIM management
  4. More use-cases
  5. Programmatic access to an eSIM

Benefits of an eSIM for phone manufacturers  

  1. Smaller device size
  2. Environmentally friendlier than SIM cards
  3. Less shipping logistics
  4. Space savings for a bigger battery
  5. Easier to achieve waterproof feature

Benefits of an eSIM for mobile operators 

  1. More revenue opportunities in iOT & M2M
  2. Personalised user experiences
  3. Remote provisioning
  4. Opportunity for differentiation
  5. More connected devices

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How to get an eSIM?

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What are the advantages of eSIM?

The advantages of an eSIM include the smaller size, better security, lower cost, remote installation, global support and the ability to switch between mobile operators seamlessly

Is eSIM better than physical SIM card?

Yes, an eSIM is better than a physical card as outlined above in this article on the 30 benefits of an eSIM

What is not a benefit of an eSIM?

The fact that an eSIM is always being tracked by their mobile network operator since they can’t be seperated from the device is not a benefit of an eSIM.

Does eSIM affect internet speed?

The eSIM in of itself does not affect your device internet speed, rather the type of eSIM (3G eSIM, 4G eSIM, 5G eSIM or 6G eSIM) is what affects the data speeds for an eSIM device. 

Which phones support eSIM?

There are many phone brands that support eSIM including Samsung, Apple/iPhone, Xiaomi, Google Pixel, Sony and Huawei amongst others. For a full & up-to date list check our article on eSIM compatible phones.


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