8 things you should know about eSIMS
8 things you should know about eSIMS
Written By: Lindiwe Zulu

We’ve all heard of SIM cards, but have you heard of the eSIM? Here are eight things you should know about the new eSIM and how it will affect how users use their phones. If it hasn’t already, this revolutionary technology is slowly revolutionizing the electronics industry and may eventually play a role in your life!

  1. You can have multiple profiles 

The eSIM allows you to multiple profiles in one device, however, only 1 profile will be active at any given time. 

  1. Better roaming 

An eSIM is the best way to stay connected when you are travelling internationally. Instead of physically changing your SIM card, You simply add a roaming eSIM to your device. You can still access your original number which is something that you can’t do with a physical SIM card. This will save you significantly on international roaming charges.  

In addition, Most roaming offerings on the eSIM are pre-paid and once funds run out, there are no more additional charges to your card. This will give you peace of mind as there will be no extra charges on your phone bill. 

  1. More secure 

The eSIM is embedded on your device which will make it difficult to steal. A thief will not be able to download a new profile without the legitimate owner’s password and with each reboot, the device will download the previous profile, making it possible to locate the owner of the device. 

  1. They’re fully reprogrammable

 eSIMs aren’t locked to a single mobile network like physical SIM cards. They can be reprogrammed as required to change carriers.  They can be reprogrammed over the air through Remote Provisioning. This means that you can add or change operators with a  simple phone call. Connecting eSIM devices to a mobile account can be done in minutes and you don’t need to wait for a new SIM to turn up in the post or go to a retailer to purchase a new sim. 

  1. They’re space saving

eSIMS are smaller in size than the traditional SIM. The extra space allows designers to use the remaining SIM slot space for other technologies or bigger batteries. 

  1. eSIM is rewritable

meaning you can decide to change the operator with a simple phone call. They’re really easy to add to a data plan – connecting devices with eSIMs to a mobile account can be done in minutes. 

  1. You can have a dual- sim

An eSIM (electronic SIM) is a digital SIM that allows you to activate a cellular plan from your carrier without the need for a real nano-SIM. You can use Dual SIM on the iPhone 13 Pro Max with two active eSIMs or a nano-sim and an eSIM. 

  1. They are the future of IOT

The eSIM allows for a number of smart connected devices such as Smartwatches, cars, fitness trackers and even cars. 

he new e-SIM is already seeing fast adoption in many markets, especially those related to the Internet of Things. Adoption is growing in areas like industrial robotics, asset/inventory management, smart grid, and certain personal devices such as smartwatches 

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